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What’s the point of fusing?

The point of fusing.

The fuse function is usually to prevent fire – that is, the basic protection offered by the fuse – between the power supply and the appliance may be several feet or meters of cable – if a short circuit occurs in the appliance, the cable can easily become overheated and burn or break its insulation

The purpose of the fuse is definitely for the protection of the circuit and equipment as well as the person but to know what is the use of the fuse let us check what is the fuse, the fuse is nothing more than a short wire designed to melt and separate in the event of excessive currents. There are many types of fuses for households for industrial uses such as high rupture capacity (hrc) and fuses also vary according to the voltage values. now let’s come to the main question what is the point of the fuse, it breaks the circuit when the amount of over current passes it for a certain amount of time, it does not provide protection from current or short circuit that we use circuit breaker which disconnects circuit when current exceeds set value, so for what fuse to use? is used to protect equipment and circuits from overloading. let’s take an example if the fuse is 32 amps for equipment that has a rated current of 27 amperes and 30 amps flowing through it for a long time, the melt will melt and will protect the equipment from overload even if there is no short circuit. hope you find this helpful.

Fuse is a protective device used in electric circuits.

The three basic purposes of fuse are –

  • To protect the electrical circuit and equipment, it protects the electrical circuit and equipment against over current or short circuits. With the help of fusible electrical equipment work efficiently and safely for a long life.
  • Protect human life – it protects human life from shock that is a cause of unconsciousness and death.
  • To protect our property against fire electrical circuits, the main cause of fire is over current and short circuit current. The fuse is used to stop the current when it exceeds its limit value.

The fuse is designed in the use of weak links to protect downstream circuits from it and prevent fire. the fuse itself is just a thin wire with small obstacles. if there is a short one – where the power source cables are put together, say accidentally or by damaged equipment, the power supply supplies high currents. This current in turn heats the wires in the circuit because they have some resistance as well. without fuses, cables may eventually melt and / or cause a fire to ignite (heat triggers something close).

The cord is damaged and the place may burn. with a fuse, the wire inside the fuse is designed to heat up faster and melt faster than the rest of the circuit.

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