How does a PTC relay with capacitor work?

How does a PTC relay with capacitor work?

PTC relay

A PTC relay means positive temperature coefficient is a starting device for refrigerator compressors.

It is responsible for providing power to the start winding for a brief moment to help start the cooling compressor motor.

How a Refrigerator PTC Relay Working and Function

In the refrigerant compressor using a single-phase induction motor with split phase and this motor has two internal windings that we call a rolling and start coil or auxiliary winding.

We know that a single-phase motor did not start with a capacitor or starting current.

In simple words, the refrigerator PTC relay gave a current to start the relay coil motor and the PTC starter winding compressor off the circuit.

So the above is a brief and simple explanation of the refrigerator relay and works, so let’s know the working method of a PTC.

ptc relay


PTC relay working principle

ptc means temperature coefficient of the positive thermistor, which means that there is a relay with working temperature ratio.

Basically, a ptc thermistor is a resistance whose resistance increases with increasing temperature.

How does a ptc relay work

We know that the motor induction phase of the refrigeration compressors of the compressor and compressor motor were split than two windings, main winding I called Winding Run and auxiliary winding of the coil that is called START.

A cooling compressor required the normal starting of the starting current and for this we connected the start relay.

Compressor three terminals called START, RUN and COMMON. Usual means the point where the start and execution are connected.

We connect the overload protector to the common terminal of the compressor and the relay for the start and start terminal.

The PTC relay, the power is supplied directly to the running coil, but between the supply reel and starting from a thermistor it is connected in series and the start cooling start of the current passing through the thermistor to start the auxiliary and the compressor due to the temperature resistance of the large thermistor thermistor eliminates the starting winding of the supply.

Testing of PTC Replay in refrigerator :

If you use the refrigerator and then stop and start, you will notice that the compressor does not start again because the thermistor or heat relay.

And when you stop again and try after 5 to 10 minutes, you will usually find the refrigerator compressor.

In many cases, we connect a capacitor that works and works in the relay for which it aids in the suction of the compressor.

With the start capacitor we connect the ptc relay thermistor in series, which eliminates the start capacitor in the circuit.

In many relay PTC compressor has a connection point for the operating capacitor and connect the capacitor in parallel with the relay, which helps better performance and compressor.

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