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What is the use of IC lm358?

The LM358 is a dual-core, dual-core, low-power operational amplifier, originally initiated by National Semiconductor. It is used in detection circuits. The LM358 abbreviation indicates an 8-pin integrated circuit that includes two low-power operational amplifiers.

IC or integrated circuit is a small black chip, it is a root of modern electronics and also an essential component in many electronic circuits. Integrated processes involve every electronic circuit, embedded systems and various electronic projects.

An integrated circuit is a set of various electrical and electronic components, such as resistors, capacitors, transistors. All of these components are integrated on a single chip. They are available in various forms, such as the 555, single-circuit logic gates, microprocessors, microcontrollers, voltage regulators, and operational amplifiers such as IC 741, IC LM324, LM358 IC, IC LM339 and many more.

This closed loop IC LM358 circuit is used to test a light dependent resistor, photo diode and a phototransistor. But it is necessary to change a photo diode and photo transistor instead of LDR. The dark sensor circuit using the LDR and LM358 IC is shown below. The components required to build the next circuit are LDR, IC LM358, 9V battery, R1-330R resistors, R2-1K, R3-10K, variable resistor VR1-10K, transistors Q1-C547.