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What is the purpose of the fuse box and relay in the car?

Purpose of the fuse box and relay in the car.

Fuses limit current and protect against fire.

Relays allow small control signals to run heavier equipment using larger signals, eg. headlights, starter, air conditioner. Small control signals can come from miniature switches or machine computer output.

This box puts all the electricity together to make it easier to serve and protect it from the elements. (heat, water, moisture, oil, dirt, etc.)

Fuses exist for several reasons, one of which is to prevent short circuit in one wire from drawing destructive currents from other components. the car has a large strong current source as its battery, and if all the flows are discharged through a small short-connected cable, it can easily cause a fire. So Protect circuits with fuses and put all the fuses somewhere so easily found and diagnosed should be one hit.

What is the purpose of the fuse box and relay in the car

Because the relays often change and turn off, and need to be protected by their own fuses, put in the same place with the fuse when practical.

And that’s why the car has a fuse box with relays there too. The fuse used in the car box is to limit the current and prevent fire. A relay is a switching device that uses a small electrical current to control a much larger current in the second circuit. in other words, a relay directs power to a circuit or component when it is turned on.

Relays are usually used for components that draw large currents such as headlamps, rear window defogger, fuel pump, a / c compressor clutch, cooling fan, heater & fan blower, abs system, ignition circuit, even power windows, chairs and horns.

The fuses are found in your car in them protecting the cable car from a lot of current flowing through then. if they where no wire will heat up and insulation will melt, then the wire will melt and you will have an open circuit, not much fun when it comes to cars, trucks.

Relays usually contain cubes with relays in them. This cube will have a cable going into it.

And examples of the relay in action, to start the car, you insert the car key into the ignition key and play it . here the car maker uses a gravity relay. in the simplest forum, a relay is nothing more than a switch. like the light switch in your home that you use every day to turn on the lights. as I said, car makers need to switch to get the flow to the car start the motor.

So they use a switch. the only thing different in design and style is it does not look like a light switch in your home. so car makers use relays. the relay controls the incoming current to the car starter. it is done in this way due to the fact that the car starters use a large amount of current, which is necessary to start the engine and get the engine running. a small amount of electric current to control a larger amount of current.

So on the steering shaft, if you dismantle it, you will see many small wires inside it. some of these wires go into your car’s headlights, car ignition wiper ignition car.