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What is a steady state current in a capacitor For what condition is it zero

What is a steady state current in a capacitor For what condition is it zero?

Stationary current, as its name implies, means current flowing through the circuit of the single capacitor’s battery when the capacitor is fully charged. however;) in steady state, the capacitor behaves like an open circuit, so the current 0. the equilibrium state in a circuit is reached when parameters such as current and voltage are stable and stable in the weather.

in a capacitor, as long as there is current, the voltage continues to vary depending on the nature of the element. so the current can not be stable separately except when it is zero.

So in a capacitor, the steady state current is always at zero, considering the system continuously. AC current is the time that varies at a designated frequency and is designated by the rms value. it has a finite relation with the effective voltage across its terminals. the constant AC current will be constant when the AC voltage is constant and will be zero only if the voltage is equal to zero.

The instantaneous current through a capacitor is always given by c.dv / dt. the current flowing through the capacitor will be zero if the rate of change of voltage passing through it is zero, ie a maximum, a minimum, a point of inflection in the waveform of the voltage (in the case of an oscillating circuit) or if the voltage becomes constant (if the applied voltage is continuous and there is no inductance in the circuit).

stable state is the state where the voltages and currents do not change over time after a switching event. the term is specific to a first-order DC circuit (r-c or l-r) with a single switching event.

assuming that you are talking about a dc fed rc circuit at steady state (shortly after the switching event), the capacitor will have charged up to the applied voltage level and Therefore, the voltage change rate goes down to zero. so that no current would cross it then.