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What is a solenoid?

A magnet is a coil of insulated wire that is wound on a rod-shaped form made of solid iron, solid steel or iron powder and generates a magnetic field when electrical current flows through it. It is an electromechanical device.

Devices of this type can be used as electromagnets, as inductors in electronic circuits, etc.

Components: coil and movable iron core, commonly referred to as an anchor. Working: When electrical current flows through the wire, it creates a magnetic field in the iron core. This generated magnetic field depends on the turns of the coil.

The more turns of the coil, the more magnetic field is generated in the wire. When the solenoid coil is energized, the core moves to increase flux linkage by closing the air gap between the cores.

The movable core is normally spring loaded so that the core can retract when the power is turned off. The force generated by the coil results from the change in the magnetic field divided by the distance of the rod movements.