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What are amps?

What are amps?

amp or amp for short is the unit of current. 1 amp is 6.2415 ?? 10 to the power of 18 electrons pushed by an electromotive force of 1 volt.

amperes is the unit for how much current is flowing in a circuit. the electrons circulate around a circuit a group of electrons is called a coulomb. if a coulomb crosses the circuit every second. this equates to an ampere of current (i).


an ammeter simply measures the amount of amps (current) in a circuit

imagine that you have a device (such as a capacitor) that will store free electrons, which are fundamental particles with negative electrical charges. if you have enough of these charges (about [math] 6.2 text {x} 10 ^ {18} [/ math] electrons), you will have a unit of charge named the coulomb (abbreviation c).

Now, think that you want to carry this load from the storage device to another device through a pair of wires. If you do this at a constant speed such that the transfer ends in one second, you will have reached a rate of 1 c / second through the wires. This charge flow is an electric current, and the quantity I mentioned, 1 c / s, is a unit of current called ampere (abbreviation a). it’s one of the basic units though. people often talk about amps when they talk about amps.

If the capacitor in which you stored your 1c in had a voltage of 1V on the plates, the capacitor would have a capacity of 1 f (farad, the unit of capacity).

The description of the amp I gave is accurate. However, at present, the definition is based on the amount of force exerted between two parallel wires created by the magnetic field of the current. This is a very difficult definition to use in practice, so the fundamental definition of the ampere may change in the future.