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Why do we use AC supply in our homes ?

Alternating Current (AC) is chosen for supplying electricity to homes due to several practical advantages. One key reason is the ease of voltage transformation. AC voltage can be easily transformed to different levels using transformers, allowing for efficient long-distance power transmission. This is crucial for delivering electricity from power plants, often located far away from residential areas, to homes.

Additionally, AC is well-suited for power distribution because it facilitates the use of grid systems. The electrical grid, which comprises an interconnected network of generators, transformers, and distribution lines, is highly efficient in delivering electricity to various locations. AC’s ability to change voltage levels with transformers is vital in maintaining the required transmission efficiency.

Furthermore, AC enables the use of alternating current motors, which are commonly employed in household appliances, industrial machinery, and various applications. AC motors are efficient, reliable, and versatile, making them well-suited for a wide range of devices.

Another significant advantage of AC is its ability to easily step up or step down voltage levels using transformers. This feature is utilized in power distribution to reduce transmission losses and optimize efficiency. Higher voltage is used for long-distance transmission to minimize energy loss, while lower voltage is employed for safe use in homes.

In contrast, Direct Current (DC) has limitations in terms of long-distance transmission and voltage transformation, making it less practical for widespread power distribution. While some devices in homes use DC power, such as batteries and electronic gadgets, converting AC to DC (rectification) and vice versa (inversion) is more efficiently achieved with modern power electronics.

In summary, the use of AC supply in homes is driven by its efficiency in long-distance transmission, ease of voltage transformation, compatibility with AC motors, and the practicality of the electrical grid system. These factors collectively make AC the preferred choice for delivering electricity to residential areas.

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