Why do we need of biasing?

Bias: is a term from no less than 400 years, which means “oblique or diagonal line”. It is not an error of assessment, it is a preference. If you research all synonyms of bias, you will not find any evidence of errors.

What you will find are terms that are synonyms with moral wrong, like prejudices. We learn bias. Some of the preferences we learn are not considered morally wrong, e.g. whether you enjoy spicy food or not.

Different regions of the world are biased towards diet differently. This bias is caused by the areas of the brain that help us adapt to our specific environment. Bias enables our species to live globally instead of being isolated like most species in a particular region of the planet.

We have cognitive flexibility that has probably accelerated through the use of basic tools and fire.

Causes of Bias:  It is reasonable that the cause of the cognitive bias found in the 1970s and the bias from 400 years ago are both due to hardwired, adaptive features that have developed over hundreds of thousands of years. These characteristics create bias to develop preferences. These preferences allow us to survive and thrive in a much wider range of environments.

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