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What will happen if we use dc source to the transformer ?

Using a direct current (DC) source with a transformer has specific consequences due to the fundamental principles of transformer operation. A transformer relies on the principle of electromagnetic induction, where a changing magnetic field induces a voltage in a coil. However, DC sources generate a constant magnetic field, and this characteristic leads to several important considerations:

1. Lack of Magnetic Field Variation:

  • Transformer Operation Principle: Transformers operate based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. When an alternating current (AC) flows through the primary winding, it generates a changing magnetic field. This changing magnetic field induces a voltage in the secondary winding.
  • DC Source Limitation: A DC source, by definition, produces a constant (non-changing) current. In the absence of a changing current, the magnetic field generated around the primary winding remains constant, leading to a lack of induction in the secondary winding.

2. Zero Induced Voltage:

  • No Voltage Induction: Since a DC source doesn’t create a changing magnetic field, there is no induction of voltage in the secondary winding. The transformer essentially becomes ineffective in transferring energy from the primary to the secondary winding.
  • No Output Voltage: Without the induction of voltage in the secondary winding, there is no output voltage generated across the secondary terminals. The transformer fails to perform its primary function of voltage transformation.

3. Saturation of Core:

  • Core Saturation: The transformer core is designed to operate within a certain range of magnetic flux density. In the presence of a constant DC current, the core may become saturated due to the continuous magnetic field.
  • Saturation Consequences: Core saturation can lead to increased core losses, overheating, and a decrease in overall efficiency. It can also result in distortion of the DC source waveform and potential damage to the transformer.

4. Considerations for Special Transformers:

  • DC Transformers: In certain applications where a DC source needs to be transformed, specialized DC transformers or chokes are used. These devices may incorporate additional components, such as magnetic shunts or other means, to allow for effective operation with a DC input.
  • DC Chokes: DC chokes are coils designed specifically for DC applications. They can effectively limit the rate of change of current and create a more suitable magnetic field for induction.

5. Potential Damage:

  • Overheating and Damage: The constant magnetic field and core saturation in a transformer exposed to DC can lead to increased heat generation. This may result in overheating and potential damage to the transformer components.
  • Consideration for AC Transformers: AC transformers are not designed to handle continuous DC currents. Attempting to use an AC transformer with a DC source without proper modification or design considerations can lead to irreparable damage.

6. Rectification for DC Transmission:

  • AC to DC Conversion: In applications where DC transmission is necessary, alternating current is often converted to direct current using rectifiers. The transformed DC voltage can then be transmitted using different methods, such as high-voltage DC transmission lines.
  • Specialized Equipment: In cases where DC is used for specific purposes, specialized equipment and transformers designed for DC applications may be employed. These devices are engineered to address the challenges associated with DC operation.


In conclusion, using a DC source with a conventional AC transformer results in the transformer’s inability to function effectively. The lack of a changing magnetic field prevents voltage induction in the secondary winding, leading to zero output voltage. Additionally, core saturation and the potential for overheating make it unsuitable for continuous DC operation. For DC applications, specialized transformers or chokes designed to handle DC sources are required to ensure efficient and safe operation. Attempting to use an AC transformer directly with a DC source can result in damage to the transformer and may lead to operational issues.

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