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What is the working principle of the electric motor ?

An electric motor operates based on the principles of electromagnetism and the interaction between magnetic fields and electric currents. The fundamental working principle involves converting electrical energy into mechanical energy.

  1. Basic Components:
    • Stator: This stationary part contains coils of wire connected to the power source, generating a magnetic field when current flows through them.
    • Rotor (Armature): Positioned within the stator, the rotor consists of a coil or coils that can rotate. As the rotor turns, it produces mechanical motion.
  2. Electromagnetic Interaction:
    • When an electric current passes through the coils in the stator, a magnetic field is created.
    • The rotor, which is connected to a power source, experiences the influence of this magnetic field.
  3. Principle of Electromagnetic Induction:
    • As per Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, a changing magnetic field induces an electromotive force (EMF) in a conductor.
    • In the motor, the changing magnetic field caused by the flow of current in the stator induces an electric current in the rotor.
  4. Fleming’s Left-Hand Rule:
    • The direction of the induced current in the rotor is governed by Fleming’s Left-Hand Rule. This rule relates the direction of the magnetic field (thumb), current (forefinger), and motion (middle finger).
  5. Rotor Rotation:
    • The interaction between the magnetic fields in the stator and rotor results in a torque on the rotor, causing it to rotate.
    • The rotation of the rotor is what produces the mechanical work or motion desired.
  6. Continuous Process:
    • The electric motor continues to function as long as the electrical current is supplied to the stator coils.
  7. Types of Electric Motors:
    • There are various types of electric motors, such as DC motors and AC motors, each with specific applications and variations in their design.

In summary, the electric motor’s working principle is rooted in the creation of a magnetic field through the flow of current, inducing a current in the rotor and generating mechanical motion through the interaction of these magnetic fields.

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