What is the use of transformers?

Transformer has its own important in the present arena as per the requirement and application the transformer has used as

Uses and application of transformer

The most important uses and application of transformer are:

  • Can rise or fall the level of voltage or current level (when voltage rises, current decreases and vice virsa because p = v x i, and power equals) in ac circuit.
  • Can increase or decrease the value of capacitor, inductor or resistance in ac circuit. it can act as an impedance transfer tool.
  • It can be used to prevent dc from passing from one circuit tothe other.
  • It can isolate two circuits electrically.

The transformer is the main reason for transmitting and distributing power in ac, not dc, because the transformer does not work on dc so there is too much trouble to transmit power in dc.

In dc transition and distribution, the voltage level is enhanced by buck and boost converter but is too expensive and not economically suitable. the main application of the transformer is to increase (increase) or lower (decrease) the level of other words, increase or condemn the current rate, while power must use and application of the transformer:

It increases the voltage level on the generation side before transmission and side distribution, for the use of electricity commercial or domestic, voltage level decries eg 11kv to 220 v single phase and 440 v three current transformers and potential transformers also use power systems and in industry. also, it is used for impedance matching. so this is a simple use and application transformer.

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