What is the function of MOSFET in an IC chip

What is the function of MOSFET in an IC chip?

In a digital integrated circuit, as in your smartphone or computer, a mosfet acts as a switch. it is either fully lit, driving between its source and drain terminals, or completely off, an open circuit between the source and the drain. he spends a tiny amount of his time making the transition between the two states when the potential on his gate switches from voltage to voltage to voltage in the closed state.

it exists at the same time p-channel, pmos and n-channel, nmos, mosfets. the first uses the conduction of the hole and the second the electronic conduction in its operation. they therefore have a complementary threshold voltage, the voltage at which they turn on or off.

at the lowest level, they are interconnected in logical gates. two transistors, one of each type, make an inverter or not; if the input is 1, the output is 0 and vice versa. four transistors make a nand or a door. since these have 2 inputs and one output, there are four possible input configurations. If you search the nand gate truth table, you can find their output for any entry. There are a multitude of other logical gates, but they are sufficient to create a logical truth table of arbitrary inputs and outputs.

At the next level, the doors are combined in flip-flops, which are also associated with truth tables. these come together to make counters. at the highest levels of the hierarchy, there are adders, arithmetic and logical units, and, at the highest level, central units or central units.

All of these work because the output of one unit can drive input to the next unit at all levels of the hierarchy. This property is based on signal regeneration (the signals do not degrade as they propagate) based on the transistor providing not only switching but also gain or amplification.

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