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What is the difference between a normal wire and a fuse cable from an electrical circuit?

difference between a normal wire and a fuse cable.

Good conductor, not hot unless absolutely overloaded. . fuse wire, made of alloy which has a relatively high resistance. warm or hot used. in case of overload, it gets so hot that it melts & amp. break the circuit. very rough. use a residual current circuit breaker for better protection, especially for protecting those who attach their fingers to the outlet.

The wire coming from the fuse or circuit breaker is a heat cable, which carries an electrical boost. the other two cables in general are 120v America neutral, and the third, if any, is ground – but again, neutral and the base is often tied to each other inside the breaker box. However, the ground should be grounded on the outside, which should be tied to the ground bar in the box. so there is no normal cable – even in America 220 v, there are 3 or 4 cables; either 2 crushes and neutral / ground, or 2 crush and neutral and ground. three phases just add another cable.

The fuse wire is smaller in diameter (usually four gauges use awg so that 18 ga in circuit 14. when there is an over current circuit current, the fuse cableĀ  melts into two and this protects the rest of the circuit cable. The fusible connection (wire fuse) is usually has a very high temperature insulation so that the insulation remains after melting the wire conductor.

The fuse wires are picked because of the fusing current. it will allow the circuit to work on the maximum designed current but it will melt / fuse if more current is requested from the circuit.wire fuses are usually copper wire cans of a sectional area much less than a wire circuit.

Sometimes people say ‘this is the wrong fuse. no, fuse do just what it is supposed to do, interrupt circuit current before there is damage to wire circuit / start fire.the fuse for the domestic situation is mostly lost now because the circuit breaker is much better.

Your cable from the flexible cable was used in the past as a temporary fuse until we get back with the fuse card. but you need to be well trained to do this and this is done right away.also in finding errors when none of our test meters sometimes use one very thin strand of wire. it cleared the wire will melt but not evaporate with bang, which means the error was cleared and the fuse holder was not as black as a spade card. just an electrician but a knowledgeable trick.

Wires in the fuse are basically just smaller. in fact, is large enough to allow the amount of current determined through, but more and it will melt and break the circuit.

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