What are the applications of photodiode?

The photodiode is widely use in day to day life means in consumer electronics and in industry.

Application of photodiodes.

  • The photodiode is used in an optical communication system.
  • The photodiode is used in automotive equipment.
  • The photodiode is used in medical devices.
  • It is used in solar cells.
  • These diodes are used in consumer electronic devices such as smoke detectors, CD players, and televisions and remotes in video recorders. In other consumer devices such as clock radios, camera light gauges and street lights, photoconductors are more commonly used as photodiodes.
  • It is used for the exact measurement of light intensity in science and industry.
  • It is used in the character recognition circuit.
  • It is used in demodulation.
  • The photodiode is used in a logic circuit.
  • It is used in photo-detection circuits.

The applications of photodiodes include similar applications of photodetectors such as charge-coupled devices, photoconductors and photomultiplier tubes.

In general, they have an improved linear response than photoconductors. Photodiodes are also used in numerous medical applications, such as instrument analysis instruments, computed tomography detectors, and blood gas monitors. These diodes are much faster and more complex than normal PN junction diodes and are therefore commonly used for lighting control and optical communication.

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