What are some uses of a MOSFET

What are some uses of a MOSFET?

The most common application is probably the switching power mode. they can switch very quickly with low losses and withstand quite reasonable currents with low resistance. their use in analog amplifiers is now less common now that class d (switching mode) amplifiers are normally used. Mosfets are also normally used in class D amplifiers, but they need fewer amplifiers, where switching power supplies are used everywhere in most modern electronic equipment.

The mosfets are three-terminal semiconductor devices, controlled by a very high voltage, compared to a bjt. Mosfet s can also be used for high frequency and low noise applications. As a switching device, mosfets offer much lower rise and fall times than bjt. The mosfets were built to withstand much higher tensions. However, the MOSFET must be handled with great care during welding because it is sensitive to static charges.

There are no common applications because there is no common mosfet. they continually involve and are available in different power ranges, high and low frequency mosfets voltage ranges, also study the data sheets of the different types and study the applications mentioned in the brief overview of data sheets.

a very interesting application – rarely mentioned – is an application as a high current sensor. a mosfet in the on state represents a specific type resistor in the range of mohms which is also very accurate for the series of the same type of transistor. To know the tolerances of Rdson, consult the data sheet of a mosfet of strong power – you will find that they are quite waterproof.

a micrometric resistance in the mohm range is expensive (€), a mosfet costs only cents and in a case up to 220 can be set to a heatsik – which increases the accuracy of the measurement. so that you can measure for example the current through a brushless motor driver.

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