Is the transformer an electric machine?

  • Machines: motors are machines (single electrical component), computer are machines (no moving parts).
  • Therefore: what is a machine? need not consist of several parts, no need to have moving parts.
  • And yet, the origine of the word means a technical apparatus with moving parts.
  • A computer is considered a machine in an extended sense, but not in its root sense.
  • Machine can include concepts of non mechanical apparatus, but it is mostly undestood as a mechanical apparatus.
  • Transformers have no moving parts, and are not a mechanical component, and they calculate the basic electrical components (two ports).
  • Mostly i would not think about the transformer as an electric machine, but i can understand that it is so called.

No, it is not.

Let me explain you clearly the definition of an electrical machine.

An electrical equipment is said to be an electrical machine if

  • It has some rotating parts associated with it.
  • There involves some electro-mechanical energy conversion.

Examples of electrical machines are generators and motors. Both of these equipments meet the above conditions, hence can be called as electric machine.

There is a common misconception among many that even a transformer is an electric machine. No, that’s not it. this is a static device so it can not be considered as an electric machine. but it is included in many textbooks of electrical machines as it is one of the most commonly used electrical appliances and can be learned easily with an electric machine. not all equipment is connected to some power supply and has some losses do not need to be called as electric machine.

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