How does an AC motor work?

How does an AC motor work?

There are two main aspects of an AC motor stator and a rotor, the supply is supplied (three-phase or single-phase) to the stator that generates a magnetic field. This magnetic field interacts with the conductors of the rotor, which causes voltage induction (Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction) and, to Lenz’s law, the rotor begins to spin.

in an AC motor. A ring of electromagnets arranged around the stator is designed to produce magnetic field. Inside the stator, there is a solid metal shaft, a wire loop, a coil, a squirrel cage made of metal bars and interconnects conducts electricity. Unlike a DC motor, where you send energy to the inner rotor in an AC motor, you send power to the outer coils that make up the stator. the coils are supplied in pairs, in sequence, producing a magnetic field that rotates around the outside of the engine.

There are 2 main types of AC motors. one is the induction motor and the other is the synchronous motor. there are also other types such as the reluctance motor and the bldc motor which operate according to similar principles.

The synchronous motor (the one usually found in power plants and many other places) consists of the rotating field (also called rotor) which is supplied with direct current. the fixed outer part (called stator) houses the three-phase winding from which the power supply can be fed. Now, when these two power supplies are supplied, that is to say at appropriate voltages, the current is consumed and the cold interior produces the magnetic fields. when the alternating rotating field (although the stator does not rotate, the three-phase field will give the effect of rotation) and the continuous field interact, a couple occurs which causes the rotation.

The induction motor varies in one piece. it does not have a separate DC field. instead, the rotor rotates under the effect of inductance or flux transfer. the rotor will try to follow the flow of 3 phases in the stator and therefore the rotary. this motor (the single-phase version if it) is used in the fans.

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