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Does the fuse consume power or current?

 fuse consume power or current.

It does not consume power it is just an electrical device that senses the current flowing in the circuit and will protect the healthy circuit from wrong.Said fuse means melting. if the current flows over the current through the circuit will melt and isolate the healthy circuit from the wrong circuit.

For example-

In our house about 16 ampere current flows so that if current exceeds this value then the fuse will melt. the string we use in the fuse must match the current rating, if it is too thick it will not melt and if it is too thin it will melt easily even at smaller current values.

Two types of fuses are generally used, cylinder fuse and plug. Cylindrical fuses consist of metal bands that can be melted in ceramic or fiber cylinders. this type of fuse is placed in the electrical circuit so the current must flow through the metal strip to complete the circuit. if an excessive current flows through the circuit, the metallic link will heat up to its melting point and break. this action opens the circuit, stops the current flow, and thus protects the circuit. type cylinder fuse is used to protect equipment and electrical equipment. plug plugs are commonly used to protect electrical cables in homes. this type also comprises a fused metal strip where the current must flow to complete the circuit. The strip, however, is enclosed in a plug that can be screwed into a diffusion able electric panel. plug plugs usually have a window so that the metal strip condition can be seen at a glance.

It is not because the fuse is a low power resistor device also a protective device, so it would be wrong to say that every device consumes current. power consumed and electric current through it.

It senses the current flowing in the circuit and will protect the healthy circuit from the wrong circuit. melting now exceeds a certain limit. so we can say that it does not use power.But practically as a conductor it consume negligible power.But it is not considered anywhere.

The fuse is a low resistor electrical device consisting of low melting point wires. when a large amount of current flows through it because the heat generated by the large value stream will melt easily, thus breaking the power supply into the equipment and protecting it. it does not consume electricity.The fuse resistance is very small. so it does not consume electricity.

(it would be wrong to say that every device consumes the current the power is consumed and the electric current passes through the conductor, it is not consumed.)Doesn’t consume current or power.


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