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Does an LED burn out if a resistor is placed after it instead of before it?

Does an LED burn out if a resistor is placed after it instead of before it?

the led will not go off. it does not matter if the resistance is before or after the led. it will still limit the current once led led

no. The LEDs are activated by the current, so that a series arrangement with one of the components on the top will work, unless the diode is a bolted arrangement on a grounded surface.

it will not create any problem regarding the current mamaxim to cross led … however if you place a resistor before led, make sure that sufficient voltage is present to led after drop of the resistor ..

before or after compared what?

The electrons do not care which component they go through first as long as the components are in series and a complete circuit.

the current limiting resistor is neither before nor after – it is in series. the order of any number of pieces in series makes no difference. it’s not like traffic, where cars or electrons accelerate and slow down around parts.

The resistors or any other parts do not pay attention to the order in which the series is located.

makes absolutely no difference if the resistor is placed after or before, in the series circuit. if it seems reasonable to you, it depends on the physical intuition you have acquired about the flow of electric currents. we have all developed mental images of how things are going in different situations, both in the physical world and in our cultural world. we must be constantly aware of how these images affect our interpretation of events.

While the other s here are correct, in a perfect circuit, the world can be a little less than perfect.

Suppose the energy source produces transient peaks of current. in this case, other properties of the resistor could protect the LED if resistance (which, by its nature, would also have capacitive and inductive properties) could absorb or dissipate potentially dangerous spikes.


on the quiz, it does not matter.

on the laboratory, put the resistance first (before the LED)

(bonus points if you put a protective capacitor in parallel)

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