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Can transistors work with ac

Can transistors work with ac?

Yes. the exact function depends on how you connect the transistor. in addition, the frequency changes the gain of the transistor. use a power bjt for high voltages.

The standard transistors are supposed to conduct only in one direction and must be polarized accordingly, when a signal is amplified in voltage and that the current variations always remain above zero, vcc must for example be continuous.

yes, transistors work with alternating signals too.If we look at the characteristics of transistors, we mainly have three regions of operation. These are the saturation modes or regions, linear and linear. where, since the other operating regions have AC inputs which cause the transistor to switch normally in the transistor circuits, ac means a small AC signal.

Small signal that is what a transistor is designed to do. small AC signal means that a transistor operates with relatively small variations around its operating point, which makes it possible to consider the operation as linear. it is typically the case of an amplifier. in many cases, the analysis of the AC response could also mean the frequency response of a linear circuit.

consider the case of cmos, nmos or pmos.

for example: the amplitude of the AC signal is 5 v, say that the nmos lights up when 3v is applied to the gate and pmos at a gate voltage of -3 v.

In such a scenario, the nmos will be functional and saturated during 3v-5v-3v input. when the AC input voltage is greater than the threshold voltage of nmos, it works in a linear region.

Do AC as a power source?

Well yes. but our difficulty in controlling the behavior of the circuit will be increased because of the inadequacy of the frequency with the incoming signal. If only close synchronization is maintained between the power frequency and the signal frequency, it is very difficult to obtain a result.

but still, some rare circuits use this method. for example, the transistor curve tracking circuit uses a scanning voltage (or continuous ripple) on the collector as the supply voltage while maintaining a stair voltage at the base, synchronously. In power electronics, the AC motor (eg fan) uses the alternating current itself to supply the scr and zener, if necessary.

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