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Can a PM modulated radio receive an FM modulated signal ?

In general, a radio designed for PM (Phase Modulation) may face challenges in accurately receiving an FM (Frequency Modulation) signal. While both PM and FM are modulation techniques, they differ in how they encode information onto a carrier wave.

PM modulates the phase of the carrier signal in response to the incoming audio or data signal. On the other hand, FM modulates the frequency of the carrier signal based on the variations in the input signal. The demodulation process in a radio is tailored to the specific modulation scheme it is designed for.

If a PM-modulated radio attempts to receive an FM-modulated signal, it may struggle to properly demodulate and recover the original signal. The demodulation circuitry in the radio is optimized for phase variations, not frequency variations. Consequently, the audio or data information encoded in the FM signal might not be accurately retrieved.

To receive FM signals effectively, a radio should be designed with the demodulation circuitry specifically tuned to the characteristics of FM modulation. This includes having the ability to accurately track frequency variations in the incoming signal.

In summary, while PM and FM are related modulation techniques, a radio designed for PM modulation may not be the most suitable choice for receiving FM signals. It’s recommended to use a radio designed and optimized for the specific modulation scheme to ensure reliable and accurate signal demodulation.

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