LM386 Low Voltage Audio Amplifier IC

The LM386 is an integrated circuit with a low voltage audio power amplifier. It is suitable for battery-operated devices such as radios, guitar amplifiers and hobby electronics projects. The IC consists of an 8-pin dual-in-line package and can deliver 0.25 to 1 watt depending on the model when using a 9-volt power supply.

The LM386 is a miniature DIP 8 package low power and low voltage audio amplifier IC. It has an adjustable gain of 20 to 200 to implement some external resistors and capacitors. The volume can be increased with this IC. Since the device has a low voltage, it can be powered by a simple battery in the electronics.

LM386  Features

  • Low power and low voltage
  • Battery operation
  • Low static power drain
  • Low quiescent current drain of 4mA
  • Low distortion
  • Wide range of gain
  • Input is referenced by ground
  • Minimum external components

LM386 Pin Configuration

Pin Number Pin Name
1,8 GAIN
2 Inverting Input (IN-)
3 Non-Inverting Input (IN+)
4 Ground
5 Vout
6 Vss/Vcc
7 Bypass

LM386 application

  • TV sound system
  • Radio amplifier and booster
  • Used in speaker of portable devices
  • Ultrasonic, small servo and line drivers
  • Intercoms
  • Power converters
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