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Will the extension cable work even if the fuse is blown up?

the extension cable work even if the fuse is blown up.

If the cable is plugged into an outlet serviced by the cable following the fuse, there will be no tension on the end of the cable so there is no voltage at the outlet end. on the contrary, if the plug is inserted into an outlet serviced by a full fuse so that power will be sent to the cable inlet, there will be power available at the outlet as long as the cable is working properly.

If there is a fuse attached to the cable, it will not work unless the fuse is replaced. usually the cable does not have a fuse attached.the cable is different from the power cord. the power strip may have over-current protection and surge protection. if one of them is damaged and can not be reset, the strip is most likely inoperable.

Also, the fuses are different from circuit breakers. The fuse has a piece of metal that is meant to burn on a particular stream. it should be replaced. circuit breaker travels on a certain current that interrupts the circuit. it should be reset. in both cases, if the same over-current situation still replaces the fuse or reset the breaker will not be useful because it will happen again.

Usually in building construction there is switch circuit breaker panel that runs on different current rating. just rearrange the breaker and go again. fuses are not normally used in modern construction.sure it will work but it will not protect your device from beyond interference and short circuit.just as we know the protective device (fuse) is burned and the extension will end up being bad if what blows the fuse back occurs.which may also affect your machine or anything connected to it

There are two parts in it. yes, the extension cable itself will work because you did not say anything is wrong with the extension cord. when you attach the end of the male extension cable, plug it into a 2-bladed outlet that is plugged into an electrical circuit that does not have a blow fuse, the power on the circuit will send power to your extension cord. now there will be power on the tip of the woman from your extension cord. test extension cords by installing table lamps to the female end of your extension cord. now with the power cord plug of the table lamp to your extension cord, you will be able to turn on a desk lamp that has a good work light. light bulb will light up. The second part should have a blown fuse. start the circuit in blow fuse. so this circuit and all outlets and outlets that receive power from the blow fuse circuit will not work, so if you take the extension cord and connect it to the blow fuse circuit, there is nothing wrong with the extension cord, so the cord will work, but read this carefully , the circuit will not. because the fuse stops the current flow in this circuit.