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What might happen if the fuse is not inserted into the household electrical wiring?

If the fuse is not inserted into the household.

The fuse is an electrical device that breaks the circuit if the over current (more than the allowed limit) passes through it. It is made of thin tin copper wire plate, so it has a low melting point, making it easier to break the circuit.

The higher the fuse rating, the thicker the wire is used in the fuse (as this lowers the resistance offered by the fuse, to produce less heat). the fuse works based on the electric current heating effect, because it melts and breaks the circuit, protecting the device connected to it for future use.

If the fuse is not installed in the circuit, then there is no security barrier to stop excessive currents flowing in the circuit due to short circuit / overloaded / etc. which not only causes damage to devices connected to the circuit, but also serious fires due to heating.

However, fuses are not used in today’s wires that often, because they have been replaced by mcbs (mini circuit breakers) that work on the basis of magnetic effects of electric current. in a mcb, if the over current is passed through the circuit, the magnet on mcb becomes strong enough to separate the point of contact completing the circuit (as in the switch).Both of them are safety devices, protecting us.

  • If the circuit was built without a fuse holder, it will operate and operate normally but without any overload or fault protection. If a short circuit occurs, the current will continue to flow until the upstream protection is activated (the company fuse in a household power supply is typically 50 to 100 times larger than a circuit fuse).

The fault current flowing in the damaged circuit will cause heating and potentially cause a fire before the upstream protection opens the circuit.

The fuse is the weakest part of the current flowing in the circuit when the circuit is short, they damage the total cable at that time, we make the weak part to get out of the short circuit, fuse protect from short circuit and also overload

There is a high potential of having an electric fire if these unused household cables become more full when the sheaths melt and the wire shorts that cause sparks ignite the surrounding combustible material that will ultimately result in some total loss of your home and or life. The fuse is a security tool so if you do not use it it will not happen it will only increase the risk.

In case of faulty conditions your other home appliances may be damaged but if you use them it can prevent your home appliances.