What is better than LED lights? what will replace led lights?

LED lighting would be the white laser technology that could replace LED lighting in the architectural lighting and automotive (headlamp) sector in the future. BMW has already used the White Laser technology for the use of I8 car headlights.

Also, OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diode) are a technology that has not yet caught up with the standard LED lighting. We also need to remember that it would take 4 to 6 years for LED lighting to be introduced to the mass market.

LED Tubes

LED lighting is storming the industry. He quickly becomes the dominant light bulb of the industry. This will completely take over in the next 5 years. On the other hand, laser diodes can replace LED lights. They are very similar to LED bulbs. These are the same materials, but you place two mirrors on both sides of the LED and a laser is damaged. Once thought, you get a boost effect that goes from a normal emission to a stimulated emission. It’s like an avalanche.

What will be the successor of LEDs?

The current LEDs used for illumination purposes are generally long lived GaN LEDs which emit in the violet portion of the spectrum and have a fairly high external quantum efficiency of radiation. They are nearly perfect sources of light in terms of energy efficiency, reliability and spectrum tuning.


However, the external quantum efficiency of the LED-based bulbs is compromised by the need for down conversion and mixing to obtain a pleasant emission spectrum of, for example, 2700K or 3000K or 3500K shining through the proper phosphors.

For example, one can imagine the illumination analogue of the CRT with the distributed array of cold field emitting cathodes shining through the flat phosphor screen as experimented with the negative electron affinity CVD diamond as early as the 1990’s. Electrode arrays. Theoretically, an even higher external quantum efficiency of the radiation can occur than with the GaN LEDs.

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