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Is a slim continental 2-pin connector requiring a fuse?

A slim continental 2-pin connector requiring a fuse.

Also the device using a 3-pin plug may also be picky in ensuring that the hot and neutral connections are not interchangeable. A 3-pin plug ensures this because you can not install it in the wrong orientation.


On the other hand a 2-pin plug can be mounted, in 2 different orientations so that the heat and neutral connection to the tool can be interchanged. This means that the equipment using a 2-pin plug is designed in such a way that they do not care about the way you connect the plug and it will work properly, other than not requiring a third earth pin.

The above explanation also means it is not safe to connect the 3-pin connector to the adapter to fit the 2-pin socket. the only exception is when the 3-pin plug uses a plastic earth pin. However it should be noted in this case there is a possibility that this device is picky about hot and neutral connections. Therefore I would not do it unless the mobile phone or portable electronic charger is small and the device enclosure is nonmetallic plastic.

Fuse in the plug is not necessary when using British equipment in most other European countries, because the circuit in the continental home tends to be protected by a 16 amp circuit breaker. it offers enough protection without the need for additional fuses in the plug. for this reason, you will find that fuses are not usually found in European plugs. see my here for more information on why a UK plug contains a fuse, while other plugs do not.

Before proceeding to replace the plug, you need to check if your radio power cord contains two cables (live and neutral) or three wires (live, neutral and earth). if it contains only two cables, you might be fine to continue and install the two pin plugs.

Every consumer power line needs a fuse in line – because the electric power is supplied as a rigid voltage source (which does not go down much with the load, that is stiff!) so too much current can be supplied unless it melts – or less fuses melt the house wires, and the house starts to burn, so you do not see many power outlets that do not blend in either the appliance, the plug, or the home supply.