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Effects of Current Flow

The current flow has four effects that are used in different ways: magnetism, heat, chemistry Action and physical shock.


When current flows in a conductor, it creates a magnetic field around it Conductor. Most manufactured magnets are manufactured according to this principle. This principle is also installed in devices called electromagnets. Electromagnets serve many useful purposes, such as relays, circuit breakers and electric motors.


Remember that the current flow is the movement of free electrons. Essentially atomic Structures are rearranged. Electrons are subtracted from an atom and bound to another in a kind of domino effect. This action causes friction that the Heat effect, which is a characteristic of the electricity. Have you ever unplugged a device and felt the warmth of the string? If so, you have felt one of the effects of the current.

Chemical Action

Electricity produces a chemical effect when it flows through a liquid. For example when an electric current is passed through water, the water molecules begin to separate in hydrogen and oxygen gas. This power effect allows things like that Electroplating process, the operation of batteries and other useful processes.

Physical Shock

As a construction electrician you must always pay attention to your work and your needs Surroundings. This helps to prevent you from being physically struck by electric shock. Under certain circumstances, just 0.1 amp can stop your heart. A common 60 watts of light bulb consumes five times as much electricity.