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Difference between transducer and sensor

Difference between transducer and sensor

One of the major differences between the sensor and the transducer is that the sensor senses the physical changes occurring in the environment while the transducer is converting the physical quantity or non-electrical quantity into another signal or other electrical signal.

Transducer: is a device that transforms an energy form into another form of energy such as a thermocouple, membrane, LVDT, etc. Transducer is the primary element and plays an important role in instrumentation.

Sensor: is a device that can detect physical phenomena such as temperature, pressure, flow, level etc.

sensor=transducer +signal conditioning circuit

Key Differences Between Sensor and Transducer

=> Sensors are almost always converters, but converters do not necessarily have to be sensors.

=> A transducer is a device that converts signals from one shape to another. These can be loudspeakers and linear positioners as well as physical quantities for electrical signaling devices. The latter are most commonly referred to as sensors.

=> They allow computers and other electronic devices to measure, operate and control things. Therefore, sensors are almost always transducers, but transducers may not necessarily be sensors. If you are in diagrams, sensors would be a circle within the transducer circle.

=> The sensor has no component other than itself.

=> Signal conditioning and sensor form parts of the transducer.

=> Sensor detects changes and generates corresponding electrical signals.

=> The transducer is responsible for converting energy into another form.

=> A sensor must not be a converter.

=> A transducer always contains a sensor.

=> Sensor is less complicated Converter is more complicated.

In Short, The main difference between sensor and transducer is that a transducer is a device that can convert energy from one shape to another, while a sensor is a device that can detect a physical quantity and convert the data into an electrical signal. Sensors are also a kind of converter.