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Which one is faster: BJT or MOSFET?

it really depends on the application. with progress made in cmos past 15 years or so. bjt is only used in rf front end, with decreasing application space for bjt and even for bicmos. Strengthening its point of view, almost all modern cpu / gpu are limited power or operate with the given thermal design … Read more

What is the difference between enhancement and depletion Mosfet?

Difference between enhancement and depletion type mosfet Depletion mode MOSFET is normally turned on at zero gate voltage. Such devices are used as load resistors. MOSFETs with enhancement modes are the common switching elements in most MOSs. These devices are deactivated at zero gate voltage and can be switched on by powering the gate. In … Read more

Can the drain and source of a MOSFET be interchangable

Can the drain and source of a MOSFET be interchangeable? In some situations, the source and drain terminals of a FET may be switched. Indeed, when the FET is used as a switch, they can usually be switched. Even when used as amplifiers, they can sometimes be switched, although some aspects of performance, such as … Read more

Can we use opamp as a driver circuit for a MOSFET

Can we use opamp as a driver circuit for a MOSFET? Using an op-amp is possible but may not be the best solution depending on the switching speeds involved. if you drive the mosfet in linear mode or if you change gears (10 khz), an op-amp can be a great solution. The problem with an … Read more

Why is MOSFET Voltage and BJT Current controlled

Why is MOSFET Voltage and BJT Current controlled? In the bjt, the output collector current of the transistor is proportional to the input current entering the base terminal of the device, making it a current-controlled device. The fet uses the voltage applied to its input terminal (gate) to control the current flowing through it, the … Read more