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How is FET a voltage controlled device

How is FET a voltage controlled device? the voltage applied between the gate and the source controls the drain current (id). which means you use the voltage to control the output current. therefore, fet is a voltage controlled device. just explained because it consumes very little power to operate. it relies on the voltage differential … Read more

What are the differences between UJT and FET

Differences between UJT and FET. ujt (transistor at a junction): it is a transistor with a single junction and three terminals: a transmitter (e) and two bases (b1 and b2). bjt (bipolar junction transistor): this type of transistor consists of two junctions and three terminals, namely the emitter e, the base b and the collector. … Read more

Why do we limit FET operation to small signals

Why do we limit FET operation to small signals? The materials used in the construction of the transistor layers are not designed for high amperage, voltages or frequencies. line currents would degrade or blow beyond the semiconductor. signals from a transistor can drive relays and contactors to relieve heavy loads. Motors are not limited to … Read more