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What is the use of JFET?

JFET are three-terminal semiconductor devices that can be used as electronically controlled switches, amplifiers or electrically controlled resistors. Junction gate field effect transistor (JFET or JUGFET) is the simplest type of field effect transistor. Unlike bipolar transistors, JFETs are only powered live because they do not need a polarization current. The electric charge flows through … Read more

Why FET is preferred over transistor?

The metal semiconductor metal-effect transistor (MOSFET, MOS-FET or MOS FET) is a field-effect transistor type (FET). It has an isolated gate whose voltage determines the conductivity of the device. This ability to change the conductivity with the amount of applied voltage can be used to amplify or switch the electronic signals. A semiconductor metal-insulated transistor … Read more

What is a FET transistor?

FET is based on the concept that charging on a nearby object can attract charges within a semiconductor channel. FET is made up of a semiconductor channel with electrodes at each end called leakage and source. A control electrode called a gate is placed in the immediate vicinity of the channel so that its electrical … Read more

What is the basic function of a transistor?

One of the most common uses for transistors in an electronic circuit is simple switches. In short, a transistor drives the current across the collector-emitter trajectory only when a voltage is applied to the base. When there is no basic voltage, the switch is off. When there is basic voltage, the switch is on. The … Read more

What is a transistor and how are they used?

A transistor is a semiconductor device used to amplify or switch electronic signals and electricity. It is made of semiconductor material, usually with at least three terminals for connection to an external circuit. A voltage or current applied to a pair of terminals of the transistor controls the current through another pair of terminals. Since … Read more

What is a capacitor used for in an electric motor?

An engine capacitor such as a starter capacitor or a driving capacitor (including a dual-stroke condenser) is an electric capacitor that alters the current to one or more windings of a single-phase CA induction motor to create a rotating magnetic field. There are two common types of motor capacitors, driving capacitors and starter capacitors. Capacity … Read more

What is the purpose of a capacitor in an AC circuit?

During this charging process, a charging current (i) will flow to the capacitor opposite any voltage change at a rate equal to the charge rate of the electrical charge on the plates. This charging current can be defined as: i = CdV / dt. Once the capacitor is “fully charged”, the capacitor blocks the flow … Read more