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What is motor protection?

Motor protection is the isolation of the motor from the main supply in the event of an abnormal condition in the operating state of an motor (i.e. when the motor is supplied with electricity). Motor protection mainly consists of Sensors  : to detect real-time engine parameters. An engine can encounter different types of faults. In order to detect … Read more

How does a DC motor work?

There are basically two principles that govern a DC motor. How to repel poles of a magnet and tighten them differently. We have all played with magnets and are familiar with this simple observation. Magnetic effect of the current. A DC motor has two magnetic fields, one of which is generated by the field or stator. It … Read more

What is an electric motor?

Any device using the interaction between an electrically generated magnetic field and another magnetic field generated electrically or naturally to function. According to this definition, for example, the electric solenoid of a car door lock is an electric motor, just like the engine that starts the car engine. What is an electric motor? An electric … Read more

How does an AC motor work?

How does an AC motor work? There are two main aspects of an AC motor stator and a rotor, the supply is supplied (three-phase or single-phase) to the stator that generates a magnetic field. This magnetic field interacts with the conductors of the rotor, which causes voltage induction (Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction) and, to … Read more

Why star delta starter is used in induction motor?

Star-delta starters are probably the most common starter with reduced voltage. They are used to reduce the starting current applied to the motor during start-up to reduce the interference and interference of the power supply. Why is star-delta starter preferred for an induction motor? Star-delta motors are preferred as the starting method for low starting … Read more