Which one is faster: BJT or MOSFET?

it really depends on the application. with progress made in cmos past 15 years or so. bjt is only used in rf front end, with decreasing application space for bjt

What are the benefits of JFET over BJT?

Jfet is usually a depletion mode device (active device when no gate bias is applied). which makes them still very useful in simple discrete circuits – in particular – automatic

What is the difference between MOSFET and FET?

Mosfets are one type of fets. Fets in general are field effect transistors, which means that they are controlled by an electrostatic field induced by the applied voltage between the

What is pinch voltage?

When the gate voltage (-vgs) is made more negative, the channel width decreases until no more current flows between channels and the source is said to be pinched (similar to

What is the pinch off voltage for a JFET?

Pinch off voltage “Pinch-off” is not locked. During pinch-off operation, the discharge current does not drop to zero. Instead, the Id current becomes constant, remaining relatively independent of the Vds

What is triode region in mosfet

What is triode region in mosfet? it is an operating regime where the drain current is controlled by three terminals instead of two as in the saturation regime. hence the

Does a transistor amplify current or voltage

transistor is a current-controlled device. current amplification only in common basic mode, only voltage amplification occurs, in common collector mode, only current amplification occurs, in common emitter mode, amplification of