What are the types of photodiode?

There are 4 types of photodiode Avalanche Photodiode, PIN Photodiode, Schottky Photodiode and PN photodiode. Avalanche Photodiode: Avalanche photodiode technology is used in areas of low light due to its high gain. In contrast,

How do you bias photodiode?

As the applied reverse bias increases, the photodiode current increases sharply. The blocking voltage applied at this point is called the breakdown voltage. This is the maximum applied reverse voltage

Difference between transducer and sensor

Difference between transducer and sensor One of the major differences between the sensor and the transducer is that the sensor senses the physical changes occurring in the environment while the

Can we use capacitor in place of battery?

Can we use capacitor in place of battery? Since an electric field is present in the capacitor, energy is also stored in the capacitor. A capacitor can obviously be used

What is the purpose of a neutral wire?

What is the purpose of a neutral wire? The purpose of the neutral wire is to complete the 120 volt AC circuit by providing the path back to the panel where

How do I know if photodiode is working?

Insert the 100 ohm resistor into the breadboard and connect each leg of it to one leg of the photodiode. Connect the probes of the digital multimeter to the legs

What is a Resistor in electronics?

Resistance exists, treating it sums up almost everything. it was not invented, it’s just a property of all the conductors. we could say that it was discovered. Resistance makes perfect

Whats meant by resistor?

The resistor is a two-terminal passive device that withstands the flow of charges when connected to the power supply. Resister is a passive element that has the inherent property of