This Area Cover topics about Transistor and its uses. Main Topics to cover all transistor related practical issue and its solution, its also cover different type of usage of Transistor in circuit.

Does a transistor amplify current or voltage

transistor is a current-controlled device. current amplification only in common basic mode, only voltage amplification occurs, in common collector mode, only current amplification occurs, in common emitter mode, amplification of

Can transistors work with ac

Can transistors work with ac? Yes. the exact function depends on how you connect the transistor. in addition, the frequency changes the gain of the transistor. use a power bjt

Why are PNP transistors used

Why are PNP transistors used? We use pnp mainly for convenience and to simplify certain circuits. npn is a device used to reduce current, while pnp is a device used

What is a Q point of a transistor

Q point of a transistor? The point q of a circuit describes the output level when the input is short-circuited or disconnected. that is to say that the transistor (s)

Why do we use biasing in transistor

The polarization of the transistor is to switch the glass, which facilitates the passage of the current from the source to the drain, or from the transmitter to the collector.

Why are transistors called transistors

Why are transistors called transistors? it is nothing more than a semiconductor device through which currents and voltages of the desired magnitude can be obtained. It can be used as

What controls the gate in a transistor

What controls the gate in a transistor? inside a microchip, transistor gates are usually driven by other transistors but they could also be driven by transistors directly or directly connected

Can we use a transistor as a rectifier

Can we use a transistor as a rectifier? yes, but because of the relatively low current limits, the base junction can handle many transistors, it might be better to use