This Section Cover topics about Resistor, Basic behind Resistor the use of Resistor and type of Resistor, How to calibrate Resistor and its wide use in circuit.

What is a Resistor in electronics?

Resistance exists, treating it sums up almost everything. it was not invented, it’s just a property of all the conductors. we could say that it was discovered. Resistance makes perfect

Whats meant by resistor?

The resistor is a two-terminal passive device that withstands the flow of charges when connected to the power supply. Resister is a passive element that has the inherent property of

What is a standard resistor

What is a standard resistor?   it could mean the series e (e6, 12, 24, 48, 96, etc.) of the resistance values adopted by iso in iso 60063 1952, (with

Why are resistors important

Why are resistors important? Resistances are the most important and fundamental passive elements. there must be at least one resistance in each electronic circuit. The resistors are mainly used to

Do resistors cause phase shift

Do resistors cause phase shift? Yes. Due to the physical factors of construction, a resistance is represented by its nominal resistance, an inductor and a parallel capacitor. even by causing

How can a resistor have voltage

How can a resistor have voltage? a resistor can not have voltage per se. but a resistance traversed by a current will undergo a voltage drop. According to the law

Are heaters just giant resistors

Are heaters just giant resistors? Yes. elements such as an electric furnace, a local radiator and baseboard heaters are in fact a very hot giant resistance. an electric water heater