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Can we harness energy from lightning?

With current technology, you can not use flash energy as an electrical energy source. Simply because lightning has a tremendous amount of energy and it is very difficult to collect

What are the benefits of JFET over BJT?

Jfet is usually a depletion mode device (active device when no gate bias is applied). which makes them still very useful in simple discrete circuits – in particular – automatic

Does the fuse consume power or current?

 fuse consume power or current. It does not consume power it is just an electrical device that senses the current flowing in the circuit and will protect the healthy circuit

Fuse wire is always thin why?

Fuse wire is always thin. the fuse is just another cable in the electrical circuit designed to melt when the current flowing through it crosses the current threshold in other

How does synchronous motor start?

 synchronous motor start. Synchronous motor is basically an ac generator that works in reverse and built equal.They require dc excitation to the rotor pole and phase 3 supply to the


Electricity is the actual movement of electrons through the conductor. Regarding the Water hose, electricity is the water flowing through the hose. So that the current flows, There has to


The Voltage is described as a thrust behind the electricity. Stress can be too referred to as potential difference, electromotive force (EMF) or electrical pressure. Imagine electricity as water flowing

What is the difference between JFET and MOSFET?

Difference between jfet and mosfet Lets understand about difference between JFET and MOSFET, Main difference is current control and voltage control in circuit. First need to know what is Field Effect

What is a diode for a doorbell?

Doorbell diode The included diode with your video ringing ring is used to connect the device to a digital sound of the sound. Digital sound signals are usually a speaker