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What is the diode rectifier app?

Diode rectifier app Apart from normal dc supplies, they can be used as current sources, as indirect voltage measurements, for reading line frequencies, for frequency doubling  non sinusoidal waveform such

Why is diode useful?

The diode is useful because of its directional behavior, which allows forward flow of current and blocking in the opposite direction.The unidirectional property of this diode is useful for converting

What is Zener Diode? What are the uses?

What is Zener Diode. Zener diode is a special type of diode whose reverse bias voltage discharge is an interesting characteristic. a steeply penetrating voltage with a current thereby making

Why do we use diodes in series?

we use diodes in series The basic purpose of diode is limiting direction of current. As we all know the current flow will be from + ve terminal to the

Why diode is called a valve?

diode is called a valve The diode passes the current in one direction (anode to the cathode), and blocks the current in the opposite direction (cathode to anode). so it