This area cover guidance about electrical component and electronic devices. it also cover use of component in circuits design with benefit and losses of miss-configuration of its value. its also cover active and passive component and its example with projects.


LM386 Low Voltage Audio Amplifier IC The LM386 is an integrated circuit with a low voltage audio power amplifier. It is suitable for battery-operated devices such as radios, guitar amplifiers

How do photodiode arrays work?

Working of photodiode How does photodiode work : A photodiode array (PDA) is a linear range of discrete photodiodes on an integrated circuit (IC). For spectroscopy it is placed at

What is the difference between BJT and FET?

Difference between bjt and fet Main Difference between BJT and FET is that BJT is Current Controlled device and FET is voltage control device. They are developed from different semiconductor

What is the meaning of IDMT relay?

IDMT relay What is idmt relay: The IDMT relays are protection relays. They are used in the transmission lines to see that the line current does not exceed the safe values

What is the difference between JFET and MOSFET?

Difference between jfet and mosfet Lets understand about difference between JFET and MOSFET, Main difference is current control and voltage control in circuit. First need to know what is Field Effect

How transistor can be used as a switch?

With a zero signal applied to the base of the transistor, it rotates “OFF” by acting as an open switch and zero collector current. The easiest way to change moderate

How do NPN transistors work?

The standard bipolar or BJT transistor is presented in two basic forms. An NPN type (Negative-Positive-Negative) and a PNP type (Positive-Negative-Positive). The most commonly used transistor configuration is the NPN

What is the dark current of a photodiode?

When the photo transistor is placed in the dark and a voltage is applied from the collector to the transmitter, a certain amount of current flows. This current is called

How does a photo diode work?

Let’s talk about Photodiode operation in circuits. The operating principle of a photodiode is when a large-energy photon strikes the diode, creating a pair of electrons. This mechanism is also

What is a photo diode?

A photodiode is a type of light detector used to convert light into current or voltage depending on how the device works. Contains optical filters, integrated lenses and surfaces. These

What is the voltage follower?

A voltage follower (also called unit gain amplifier, buffer amplifier and isolation amplifier) ​​is an op-amp circuit that has a voltage gain of 1. This means that the operational amplifier

What is the lm386?

If you build a microcontroller sound sensor, you can install it on an LM386 based amplifier. It’s cheap, easily available and does not require too many external parts. A nice