This area cover guidance about electrical component and electronic devices. it also cover use of component in circuits design with benefit and losses of miss-configuration of its value. its also cover active and passive component and its example with projects.

What is the difference between MOSFET and FET?

Difference between mosfet and fet Mosfets are one type of fets. Fets in general are field effect transistors, which means that they are controlled by an electrostatic field induced by the

What is the difference between MOSFET and HEMT?

In this topics we will understand what is difference between MOSFET and HEMT? Defination and use of Mosfet Mosfet (metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor, pronounced maws-feht) is a special type of field-effect

Is the transformer an electric machine?

Machines: motors are machines (single electrical component), computer are machines (no moving parts). Therefore: what is a machine? need not consist of several parts, no need to have moving parts.

What kind of transformer?

Transformers can be classified on different basis, like types of construction, types of cooling etc. (1) on the basis of construction:-transformers can be classified into two types as; core type

What is the use of transformers?

Transformer has its own important in the present arena as per the requirement and application the transformer has used as Uses and application of transformer The most important uses and

What is a Varicap diode?

In electronics, a varicap diode, a varactor diode, a variable capacitance diode, a variable reactance diode or an adjusting diode is a diode type designed to exploit the voltage-dependent capacitance

How does the diode work?

When we talk about electrical and electronic circuits, we use the old convention, called the conventional current flow (from positive to negative). To get rid of any idea of ​​thinking

Why zener diode is used?

Zener diodes are widely used as voltage references and as shunt controllers to adjust voltage across small circuits. When connected in parallel with a variable voltage source so it is