What is the difference between MOSFET and FET?

Difference between mosfet and fet Mosfets are one type of fets. Fets in general are field effect transistors, which means that they are controlled by an electrostatic field induced by the

Which one is faster: BJT or MOSFET?

it really depends on the application. with progress made in cmos past 15 years or so. bjt is only used in rf front end, with decreasing application space for bjt

Why JFET is always reverse biased?

Reason for JFET is always reverse biased Due to “depletion region” surface reduction increases the resistance of the drain source and reduces the current flow and so JFET is always reverse biased.

How does a PTC relay with capacitor work?

PTC relay A PTC relay means positive temperature coefficient is a starting device for refrigerator compressors. It is responsible for providing power to the start winding for a brief moment to

What is the pinch off voltage for a JFET?

Pinch off voltage “Pinch-off” is not locked. During pinch-off operation, the discharge current does not drop to zero. Instead, the Id current becomes constant, remaining relatively independent of the Vds

Function of inductors and capacitors

Function of inductors and capacitors Both are energy storage devices that store energy and perform various functions in electrical and electronic circuits. Differences between them are as follows: Capacitor is